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List of Our Projects

Sylvia Mayer

1. “Contemporary American Risk Fiction” (DFG project, 2015-2018)

2. Monograph project "Explorations of the Controversially Real: Risk, Climate Change, Ethics in Contemporary North American Literature"

Lukas Büttcher

“Narrating the Anthropocene: Globalization and Environmental Risk in U.S. American Climate Change Narratives” (PhD project; DFG project “Contemporary American Risk Fiction”)

Matthias Klestil

“Environmental Knowledge and African American Culture, 1830 to 1920”
(PhD Project)

Christian Schmidt

“Postblack Aesthetics: The Freedom to Be Black in Contemporary African American Fiction” (PhD Project - completed in 2014)

Semsettin Tabur

"Reading For Space: Contested Spaces in Contemporary North American Novels"
(PhD Project)


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